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Free Oregon DMV Permit Practice Test (OR)

  • Perfect for learner’s permit, driver’s license, and Senior Refresher Test
  • Based on official Oregon 2024 Driver's manual
  • Updated for June 2024
Verified by Steven Litvintchouk, M.S., Chief Educational Researcher, Member of ACES. See our detailed commitment to accuracy and quality in our practice tests.

About this test

6 min to complete
Available in EN, ES, RU

This Oregon DMV practice test is freshly updated for June 2024, ensuring you’re studying with the most relevant material. It includes 40 critical questions on road signs and rules taken straight from the official 2024 OR Driver Handbook — the same source used for the actual learner’s permit test.

Getting ready for your permit is straightforward. You must be 15 or older, handle the fees, and score at least 28 out of 35 to pass. The knowledge test is conducted on a touchscreen, and for those who prefer it, various language options and audio assistance are available — just bring your own headphones.

Should you need to retake the actual DMV test, remember there’s a waiting period that increases with multiple unsuccessful attempts, and a $5 fee applies each time. Cheating is a serious offense leading to a 90-day ban, so it’s crucial to prepare honestly and thoroughly.

That’s where we come in: our practice test is designed to give you a thorough run-through of the DMV’s content, so when you sit for your real test, you’ll do so with confidence and knowledge on your side. Our suite of practice exams is meticulously designed to give you a thorough understanding of what to expect on test day. With questions crafted from the official Oregon Driver’s Handbook, you’re in the right place to begin your preparation journey with confidence. Let’s put you in the driver’s seat — start with this practice test today!

  • Exact test format: Our practice exams mirror the official Oregon DMV test structure — feel confident on the big day.
  • Updated for 2024: Directly from the 2024 Oregon Driver’s Manual, our questions are always up-to-date.
  • Progress tracking: Keep track of your scores and improvement over time.
  • Immediate answers: Get instant feedback with detailed explanations to understand and learn quickly.
  • Multi-language support: Available in several languages to suit diverse users.
  • Accessible anywhere: Study on your schedule, from any device, with our mobile-friendly platform.

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Oregon Learner’s Permit Test FAQs in 2024

Can you take the permit test online?

No, you must take the Oregon permit test in person at a DMV office. Online testing is not available for the permit test in Oregon.

How many questions are on the test?

The Oregon permit test includes 35 questions. To pass, you need to answer at least 28 questions correctly, which is an 80% passing score.

What is the cost of the permit test?

The fee for the Oregon permit test is $23. This fee covers the cost of taking the test and issuing the learner’s permit.

How many times can you fail the test?

In Oregon, there’s no limit to the number of times you can take the permit test. However, after each failure, you must wait at least one day before retaking it.

Is the test timed?

No, the Oregon permit test is not timed. You can take as much time as you need to complete the test within DMV office hours.

What should you expect on the test?

Expect questions on Oregon’s traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices. The test assesses your knowledge of the information in the Oregon Driver Manual.


What to expect on the actual OR DMV exam




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List of questions (classic view)

  1. If you see a _________ sign in your lane, it means you are going the wrong way.
  2. _________on highways require drivers to pay extra attention and carefully obey all traffic laws in these areas.
  3. When you approach a flashing yellow traffic light at an intersection, you should
  4. This warning sign alerts a driver that
  5. When turning left from a one-way road onto another one-way road,
  6. A double solid white line
  7. In Oregon, what is the maximum speed limit in residential districts unless posted otherwise?
  8. What does this sign mean?
  9. When you drive slower than the normal speed of traffic, you should drive
  10. A safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of you is
  11. If you're being passed by another vehicle, you should ________ until the pass is complete.
  12. This sign is found
  13. When driving on a two-way road with no centerline markings, you must
  14. If your vehicle is moving in traffic, you must signal __________ before you turn or change lanes.
  15. When overtaking and passing another vehicle on a two-lane road, you should pass
  16. A sign with this symbol indicates
  17. In Oregon, you must dim your headlights whenever you are following another vehicle within
  18. You are parked parallel to the curb, facing downhill. Which way should you point your front wheels?
  19. What kind of parking is commonly found in parking lots and shopping centers and sometimes on wide streets?
  20. What does this sign mean?
  21. In parallel parking in Oregon, you must park your vehicle parallel to and no more than _______ from the curb.
  22. In a roundabout, traffic circulates
  23. On one-way roadways, solid yellow lines are used as
  24. What does this sign mean?
  25. To enter a freeway, use _________ to speed up and merge with fast-moving traffic already on the road.
  26. Under Oregon law, a vehicle that is stopped or parked on a road or shoulder must have its _________ on when visibility is limited.
  27. To be able to stop safely under conditions of rain, ice, or snow, you should
  28. What does this pentagonal (five-sided) sign mean?
  29. If your vehicle starts to skid, you should turn the steering wheel
  30. If you are changing lanes, preparing to pass another vehicle, or entering traffic, signal and check for passing traffic. First, use your mirrors. Then
  31. When backing up your vehicle, you must
  32. This orange sign is posted at
  33. You want to turn at an intersection that has a traffic signal, but there is a crossing pedestrian in the lane that you will be turning into. Before you start to turn, the pedestrian must be at least _______ from the lane that you will be turning into.
  34. Oregon law requires __________ to wear safety belts or be in child safety seats whenever the vehicle is in motion.
  35. You are driving on a divided highway with the two roadways separated by a painted median strip. You approach a school bus with its lights flashing that is stopped on the opposite roadway. What should you do?
  36. This sign is
  37. If an emergency vehicle is approaching you with a siren or flashing lights on, you must
  38. What is a sharrow?
  39. For drivers who are at least 21 years old, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is under
  40. What does this sign indicate?